large-blue-37At the Center for Hernia Repair we emphasize a personalized approach. Every patient has a unique set of circumstances and we want to recognize that.

Our administrator and director of nursing, Melanie Wilber is directly involved with every patient. She is available to answer any questions that come up after your initial visit. Her extensive experience with hernia problems enables her to be a valuable resource in your experience before and after surgery. Our patients benefit greatly from her experience, knowledge, and concern.

Our director of scheduling, Abigail Shafer works to help you plan your surgery according to your specific needs. She will plan your visit from out of town and help to coordinate the details of your scheduled testing and surgery.

Your satisfaction, comfort and long term positive outcome is our priority!

Prior to your first visit, we recommend gathering any previous medical records or imaging tests that you feel are related to your current condition.

We ask that you please fill out our initial patient information form. This helps to insure that all relevant details related to your current medical condition are utilized in the diagnosis and management of your particular case.