Hernia Mesh Removal

While hernia mesh has been clearly shown to be necessary in most hernia operations, there are some patients who have suffered complications related to the mesh itself.

The incidence of mesh related complications is extraordinarily low compared to the number of patients who benefit from their mesh placement.

For those who suffer from mesh related discomfort or pain – there is hope.  Mesh can be removed safely by those hernia specialists who have gained expertise in these techniques.

Mesh removal can be performed with open or robotic techniques depending on the location of the mesh and other individual patient factors.

                   Important Issues in Removal of Hernia Mesh

  • Removing mesh in its entirety
  • Avoiding damage or removal of adjacent muscle, fascia, or bowel.
  • Reconstructing the residual hernia after removing mesh that was used for the initial repair. 

Robotic technology is a new tool that can enhance the safety of mesh removal. The improvement in visualization and precision of instrumentation has allowed for a higher degree of safety in mesh removal.

                What to Expect When Your Mesh is Removed

For most people that are suffering from mesh related pain or other complications, removal of the mesh is a life changing experience.

Despite expected pain or discomfort from the surgery, typically the sense of the previous mesh being removed is experienced within the first 72 hours.

While there are risks associated with these procedures, most patients benefit and appreciate "the beginning of the rest of their life".

Most mesh removal operations can be performed in an outpatient setting and some may require hospitalization.

mesh plug removal
Mesh Removal

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