Your First Visit to The Center For Hernia Repair

Center for hernia repair Front Desk
Danielle Sims pictured here will greet you when you enter the office. She may have spoken to you on the phone prior to coming. In her pleasant calm way, Danielle will prepare you prior to the visit .
Danielle, Ronda, and Melanie will be available after your visit to guide you through any testing you may need or help you get to your hernia repair with minimal stress.
  • At the Center for Hernia Repair a conservative approach is emphasized.
  • A nonoperative approach is often recommended.
  • Many options exist for different people and with different hernias and all will be entertained.

    We will answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable about your hernia treatment.

For Our Out of Town Patients

Abby Manager of Patient Relations - Dr Yunis Office
In order to optimize your experience and outcome, Dr. Yunis will need to speak directly with youvia telemedicine or by telephone prior to your visit. In this way we can avoid unnecessary cancellations or other last minute problems.

The commitment to be away from home, friends, and family for surgery in an unfamiliar environment is a significant one. Dr. Yunis's ability to positively impact outcomes from surgery will make this commitment worthwhile for almost all of his patients. Despite his greatest efforts to achieve a perfect result, the patient should be aware that complications may develop after any surgical procedure. Specific information about the benefits and risks of surgery will be discussed with you at your preoperative visit.

Those that travel away from home to undergo surgery in Sarasota must understand that the estimate of time needed to be in Sarasota before and after the surgery may in unusual circumstances need to be extended by an indeterminate amount of time. Those that are paying privately (without insurance) should be aware that potential surgical complications may require hospitalization which would be associated with further expense and time in Sarasota.

You may find our location and directions here.
Post-Op Instructions

Center for Hernia Repair

1435 South Osprey Avenue
Suite 201
Sarasota, Florida 34239
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