Center for Hernia Repair

Located in Sarasota, Florida, our surgeons specialize only in hernia and hernia related problems.  From inguinal and femoral hernia repair to umbilical, epigastric, and ventral hernia repair – our experience is among the most extensive in the world.  Dr. Yunis alone is responsible for repairing over 650 hernias per year.

Laparoscopic, robotic, and conventional hernia repair techniques are used as part of a customized approach for each individual.  We also specialize in abdominal wall reconstruction, management of  hernia recurrence after previous repair and groin pain after previous hernia surgery.  Dr. Yunis’ prior experience as a vascular surgeon allows him to enhance the safety and precision of his hernia repairs and abdominal wall reconstructions.

Hernias can be painful and unsightly and can interfere with enjoyment of daily activities.  There are many options for the management of hernias.  At the Center for Hernia Repair our focus is on choosing the solution that suits you best and performing a surgical repair with critical precision. Solutions can range from watchful waiting to laparoscopic repair to major conventional reconstruction.

We offer expertise in the “gold standard” for non mesh inguinal hernia repair – the SHOULDICE technique.  

Return home the same day with minimal discomfort and minimal restrictions. 

We offer options for optimizing cosmetic satisfaction of the abdominal wall and belly button alone or in combination with your hernia operation. 

Our goal is for a durable hernia repair with rapid return to an active lifestyle.