Our commitment to you is to provide the most comfortable and durable hernia repair. This requires an accurate hernia diagnosis and a customized repair for each individual based on their age, general health, and physical demands in their daily life.

Hernias and the people who have them are all different.

Many individuals with a hernia are best served by avoiding surgery and observing over time

For those that do require surgery, there is a vast array of different techniques and devices used to repair hernias.

Dr. Yunis’s case volume is among the highest in the world. With this experience comes mastery of conventional, laparoscopic and Robotic hernia techniques.

Dr. Yunis experience working with plastic surgeons for over 20 years has allowed for his total management of abdominal wall reconstruction with optimal hernia repair and optimal cosmetic results.

Dr Yunis also has great interest in helping those who have suffered from recurrences from previous hernia surgery. He has developed an approach to simplify the management of recurrent hernias and to minimize their risk of future recurrence.